JWEI J-Cutter




Emergency stop button
4mm conveyor belt
Individual vacuum zones
Basler CCD camera
Triple cutting tools holders | Plotting pen holder | Laser positioning pointers
Synchronous belt transmission system
Infrared sensor mechanical collision prevention.
Steel-aluminum alloy profiles non-detachable assembly
Touch screen
Control station, PC not included
DMC Control System
1800W Router ATC Auto Router change slot


High end level for industrial production

Powerful 1800W router tool ensures top performance of milling ability.

Large format cutting system

Up to 3.2m width, table length can be customized.

Detachable table

Detachable table allows easy dissasembly for device transportation and setup.

Top Performance Servo Motor

Max. 1G acceleration & max. 1200 mm/s speed with precission up to 0.05mm.

DMC motion controller

Min. 3mm diameter cutting precision.


  • Maggiore precisione di taglio, soprattutto per forme piccole come cerchi piccoli.
  • Aggiornamento del tavolo e maggiore aspirazione del vuoto.
  • Disposizione dei cavi integrata, protezione per la testa intera.

Oscillating Cutting Tool

Per tipi di carta ondulata, cartone, cartone grigio


Per il taglio a bacio su materiali multistrato sottili

Rotary Tool

Può tagliare tessuto UV, fibra di carbonio, fibra di vetro e tessuti

V-CUT Tool

Per tagli inclinati a 0, 15, 22,5, 30, 45 gradi e materiali fino a 20 mm di spessore

Non-Oscillating Tool

Utensile per materiali morbidi fino a 5 mm di spessore, come il cartone.

Foam Cutting Tool

Per tagliare pannelli di schiuma fino a 50 mm di spessore.

Creasing Tool

Piega una varietà di materiali. Regolazione direzionale della pressione per cordonatura con o contro ondulazione.

  Model No.         CB08II-2516PM   3516PM  5516PM   2520PM   3520PM   5520PM   3032PM
  Multifunctional head   Oscillating knife, offset knife, rotary knife,snip knife, cursor, drawing, automatic feeding
  Safety device   Infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable
  moving speed   Up to 1500 mm/s
  Cutting speed   Up to 1200 mm/s(Depends on different materials)
  Cutting thickness   Up to 50mm(Depends on different materials)
  Cutting material   UV material, outdoor printing fabric, light sheet, gridding cloth, flag fabric, stickers, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, corrugated paper,     honey comb board etc.
  Servo precisiony   +/-0.01mm
  Repeat precision   +/-0.05mm
  Buffer memory   2GB
  Interface   Ethernet port
  Material fixing meathod   Vacuum adsorption
  Work command   HP-GL compliant format
  Transmission system   Servo driver, high precise gear
  Numerical control panel   EN LED Touch screen
  Power Supply   AC 380V+/-10%
  Working Environment   Temperature 0-35 degree; Humidity 60% – 80%
  Effective Cutting Area               2500mm*1600mm|3500*1600|5500*1600|2500*2000|3500*2000|5500*2000|3000*3200
  Machine Size(mm)              3370mm*2380mm*1300mm(not including automatic board loading system)